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“Wherever you are, whatever you do, whether you’re working or traveling if you have fun or relax, nature can protect you protect nature“.

COEX® is a totally vegetable fiber cellulose, it is comfortable, recyclable and non-allergenic. The softness of fabric created with this innovative material is of high quality, guarantees comfort and relaxation; aesthetically reminds fabrics such as linen or cotton, but does not burn, it drips, it does not release harmful fumes such as dioxin and withstands higher temperatures.


Laboratory tests have shown that COEX®  meets the highest  regulatory standards on fire retardants and has an index LOI equal to 50, the highest in the market, much higher flame retardant fibres, polyester or even aramid type. The limiting oxygen index LOI is in fact necessary to propagate flames and expresses the value intrinsic to flammability fiber, the higher value and less fiber is flammable.

This fiber has huge advantages not only in terms of fire protection, but also in terms of eco-sustainability and Green thanks to its natural properties related to cellulose-based composition, making it potentially biodegradable until arriving to the compostability (natural biological cycle is complete).

COEX ® has been certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), recognized as the most important international standard for textiles made with natural fibers organically grown. The standard defines strict environmental and social criteria that apply to all stages of production.

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This is a new material that is used in interior design, bio-architecture, fashion and sports. This product is the result of years of study and research by two Italian companies that operate in the textile sector: Zaghloul Spa and twisting Valley Spa.

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