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Aluminum, ductile and versatile material par excellence, ready to bend to push creativity of architects and designers. Was this intuition of the Brescia-based company EnjoyALL, Paksu for innovative project a series of objects and interior design solutions that combine the elegance of the Made in Italy the aluminium material innovation and sophistication. EnjoyALL product lines are born of thousands of thin extruded aluminium sections, emphasizing the traits of coldness and brilliance of the metal and its innovative aesthetic and technological aspects. Objects that are created to be unique, to interact with light and give every room a unique character.alluminio_design

The project’s flagship product EnjoyALL is the flooring EnjoyFLOOR, born from the Union of extruded aluminum and colored resins. A Union of versatility, born to make each unique and unrepeatable location through his plots Arabesque and icy elegance of metallic reflection.

Infinite are the possibilities of choice and customization. In addition to allowing different combinations of colored resin and to make available a wide range of aluminum inserts, this flooring allows you to design new solutions based on customer drawings or of architects and designers and to enrich the flooring with logos or signatures.

Not just texture: EnjoyFLOOR can be accomplished in one uninterrupted pattern or escapes, structurally integrated into the room, with advantages in terms of mechanical resistance and water repellency. Above all, may become an item unique and exclusive, tailored and carefully tailored for each environment.

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It is a product dedicated to environmental sustainability: when paired with a floor heating system, contributes significantly to the improvement of thermal performance and reducing fuel consumption as a result of transmission characteristics of aluminium elements. A property that allows EnjoyFLOOR to contribute to the international certification LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a true mark of quality, vision and respect for the environment and man.

EnjoyFLOOR flooring is designed to enhance any environment and for customers, architects and designers to create unique solutions, appagandone creativity and aesthetic sense. The entire project EnjoyALL combines innovation of materials and the company’s experience working with aluminium the Pastor in tailoring to complete design refined and absolutely unique.

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