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Cecilia Levy is a Swedish artist with a path behind definitely interesting. Passion to a path that involves the use and reuse of paper to create special design objects.


His experiences prior to seeing engaged as a graphic designer and book binder and Cecilia Levy transformed his passion for paper in a job. Participate as a designer-artist in solo and group exhibitions in Sweden, his country of origin and abroad. Today holds workshops to explain and teach what it means to work the paper and makepaper product that is an artifact in 3D.

Cecilia Levy

Cecilia Levy at work represents the imagination of the artist.

After starting in 2009, continues his research and his passion to make decorative objects such as everyday accessories, like cups, saucers, plates or bowls, precious items made with paper, individual pieces!

tazzina e piattino

For her creations, Cecilia rips books, comics or magazines, then glue the pieces together obtained with the technique of papier-mâché.
“The book is recreated in a way, but takes on a new shape. The two-dimensional becomes three-dimensional. The process is slow and meditative
Text and symbols that Cecilia identifies selected volumes are sometimes used intentionally, other times randomly. The touch experience is determined by the quality of the paper. Discoloration, stains and holes contribute to the peculiarities of the material and the resulting artifact.
strani boots di carta
The designer and artist let the thoughts move around concepts such as time, memory, transience, endurance, adaptability.
Nature is a great source of inspiration. Recycling and environmental aspects important factors.
creazione di carta1
In short, the work of Cecilia Levy is really interesting and fascinating. Something beautiful and useful beyond the recycling of paper and is emitted directly from the objects created by the Swedish artist, as were animated objects. A tribute to a material matter which the paper today decidedly in disuse.
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