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“Listening is the key condition to learn about others and the world around: the sound is not only an irreplaceable presence in everyday life, it forms the basis of dialogue and one of the pleasures of life, even when we work. It is silence between one word and another, between a note and the other, to be itself ‘sound’, provided you can understand the amount of time between a sound wave and another “(Gillo Dorfles).

The acoustic design of the environments in which we live is an increasingly important factor. Many companies involved in the development of innovative technologies and new materials for architecture are working in this direction.

Caimi Brevetti, through the development of Technologies Snowsound ® and Snowsound ®-Fiber, has introduced a new range of acoustic panels that, through the application of patented and exclusive technologies, provides an acoustic correction quickly and easily, whether in new environments than in existing ones.

To tell this news and specifically define directly all major scenarios where sound interacts with the surrounding environment and it is changed from this in objective and perceptive terms, the company unveiled a book titled “the sound between material and architectural space” (edited by Paolo Bonfiglio, Andrea Farnetani and Nicola Prodi, University of Ferrara, with texts by Aldo Colonetti and introduction by Gillo Dorfles). This document explains the acoustic solutions, which can correct all acoustic faults of spaces and can offer the best acoustic design strategies of spaces according to their intended use; this guide provides a set of instructions for use because each one of us can speak, listen and mainly live sustainably within their spaces.

Research, quality, sustainability, but above all attention to man and his wellness are the ingredients that are decreeing the success of the new design-oriented products!

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