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Ceramic fiber reinforced mortar covers the walls indoor and outdoor.

3D surfaceThis is one of the news presented at Made Expo by the Florentine company 3D Surface: a new collection with a refined design, developed with the use of special fused material.

3D surfaceThere are thirteen decorative textures with an organic and refined design, composed of elements that interact with each other. At the fair, inside the exhibition architecture workshop, touching the new “wall sculpture” became possible. The surfaces come alive, walls change their skin and transform.

3D surfaceThis is an innovation in the usual coating scenario. Architects, designers and planners have in their hands a versatile material that allows them to conceive new solutions, leveraging the tactile and sculptural quality of these textures.

3D surfaceThese materials also provide continuous solutions, surfaces are uninterrupted. It is an interesting change that combines innovation, research and design.

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