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Ultra _ Extra is an event which took place during Made Expo to highlight the qualities of an ultrathin slab!

Laminam NewsurfaceIt took place far from fair, in a more intimate and private atmosphere in the Centre of Milan, in Laminam showroom; it was a good chance to look closely at how the materials will involve us in concrete terms, through their features, lightweight and texture.

The future, as it appears to us, is asking to reconsider how to build things and houses, places to work, where to live. So, companies are investing in this sense, to make room for a sustainable and economically viable future. In this period we are talking about investment, projects and products that evolve to find new applications, we are making reflections on materials as “Tools”.

Laminam NewsurfaceWe listened with interest to the technical-scientific stories about lightweight construction by Alessandra Zanelli, Professor at Politecnico di Milano, BEST Department. Textiles applied to the construction, advanced materials for membranous applications and film fluoropolymeric for applications in intelligent systems, intelligent packaging to rethink the exterior.

Later we listened to Micol Costi, Director of Library & Research Material, Material ConneXion ® Italy, with his poetic stories about the search for innovative materials, characterized by a significant decrease in weight, without affecting the property.

Laminam Newsurface

Materials are developing to make spaces be more functional, design be more comfortable, materials distant and cold once be more appealing now.

So we realize finally that ceramic plates represent a real skin for contemporary architecture, a multi-purpose area with many possibilities of use.

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