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The trip not only broadens the mind: it shapes the mind (Bruce Chatwin)


CER-style is an exhibition that tells a journey from North to South, to show the Italy of the excellences through redevelopment. A path, wanted by engineer Davide Vercelli and architect Angelo Dall’Aglio, between habitats understood as different environments, places where companies and products tell about the Italian Style.

Starting from the idea of the Grand Tour, that in the 17th century represented the journey of discovery of an Italy rich in history, art and culture, and with the collaboration of important Italian companies, project creators have invented an interesting concept to present new ways of living in architectural spaces. The challenge was to figure out how to transform abandoned places, discovering new features.


Mountains, sea, beaches and lodges are re-thought through redevelopment projects that become promoters of lifestyles and innovative uses, re-inventing the housing, commercial potential and functional.

The visitors had the opportunity to travel with the imagination between different environments, passing through three distinct areas: the first is dedicated to the mountain landscape, the second to the sea, joined together by a tunnel. These environments were reinvented with real environments with products and solutions from companies from various sectors, from fashion to ceramics, from furniture to surface, from sporting equipment to the bathroom furniture, until food, cosmetics and textiles.


The frame shows a multisensory and strongly emotional space, where different materials (wood, ceramic tile, glazed surfaces, resins, design furniture, furnishing and bathroom furnishings) coexist in a harmonious balance.

CER-Style links a selection of high-end companies with international buyers and with an audience of professionals looking for new creative ideas. In recent years, in fact, it has been changing the buyer figure in a radical way, not only specialized in the purchase of a single product, but a professional interested in the global vision of the project.


Companies involved are:

Alce Nero, Allorigine, Antonio Frattini, Ambiente Ufficio, Aqua Elite, Axa Sanitari, Bright Srl, Ceramica Cielo, Cerasarda, Colavene, Cordis, Cordivari Design, Cotto D’Este, Cristina Rubinetterie, Ctd Impianti, Dulver, Duravit, Effegibi, Emilceramica, Ergon, Eterno Ivica, Fima, Glass 1989, Goman Srl, Hom, Ideagroup, Itlas, Julia Marmi, Lea Ceramiche, Made A Mano, Messori Su Misura Uomo, Minacciolo, Mipa, Mirage, Modularte, Molteni &C, Oikos, Oli, Provenza, Ravaioli Legnami, Robot Festival, Serenissima Cir, Studio T, Technogym, Twils, Valli Arredobagno, Vitra, Viva, Wall&Deco, Xtrawine.

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