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Corten steel plate turns into a scenic backdrop, so the façade of Palazzo “Campiello” in Vigonovo becomes a book.

190 panels cover an area of over 300 square meters and they give life to a lettering work: 15,000 letters and symbols make up words and phrases that, like carved on a piece of paper, reconstruct the memory of what has been lost forever.

Corten apartmentsThe corten not only makes installation be unique and particular, but it has an important feature too. This material resists corrosion from weathering: the natural oxidation with time stops since it forms a protective patina.

Corten apartments

Corten apartmentsWith this technique, it was possible to exploit the old façade. And also: the oxidized colour appears warm and intense as to emphasize the experience of the building. The collaboration with sculptor Giorgio Milani and Philippe Daverio made the work be unique. The end result, full of meaning, is an words’ embroidery that create a plot reminiscent of the old “skin” of the building, the surface degradation that time drew.

Corten apartments

This installation is signed by Italian 3NDY firm.


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