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An eclectic place where tourists can feel at home and not transients: De Padova is now the protagonist of the furnishings of the new LeoneFelice restaurant and VistaLago bistro at L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux, immersed in the Franciacorta countryside, near the Bellavista winery at Erbusco (BS). A new, important contract project where the unique De Padova style in domestic furnishings fluidly permeates the collective spaces.

After two decades of collaboration with the great chef Gualtiero Marchesi, Carmen Moretti – the lady of the house at L’Albereta and vice-president of the Terra Moretti group – together with her husband, the entrepreneur Martino De Rosa, have assigned the architectural restyling of the historic rooms to the architect Valentina Moretti, who has turned to De Padova for the right combination of quality and comfort in the furnishings of the collection and the decor of hospitality spaces, which increasingly evoke the pleasant atmosphere of the home, taking on fundamental importance today, even more than in the past. Venerable rooms, among the most beautiful of L’Albereta, have been reopened to the vibrant life of the resort thanks to the renovation project, to recreate a welcoming atmosphere that is completely new yet fully respects the tradition and values of Relais & Chateaux.

For the furnishings, the choice was decisive and perfectly unanimous: the best of Italian design, of yesterday and today. The Tondo and Louisiana armchairs by Vico Magistretti combined with the existing furnishings, with updated fabrics, demonstrate that profound knowledge and a passion for products based on classic design and fine craftsmanship, together with research and innovation, are the key characteristics found in the De Padova collection.

At the LeoneFelice memory and contemporary taste mingle and produce total harmony. One example will suffice: the very new Chesto armchairs designed by Patrick Norguet for the 2014 collection of De Padova are perfectly attuned to the antique columns and marble framing the bow window.

Likewise, the Donzella chairs by Michele De Lucchi provide a touch of classic elegance around the large Mantis table by Patricia Urquiola inside the VistaLago bistro, while the new Sundance chairs and the Framura outdoor collection on the patio enhance enjoyment of the great view of the Iseo Lake.

Every project done by the De Padova contract division is carefully conceived and implemented as a whole, to offer the most apt interpretation not only of public space, but also of the needs of those who inhabit it, bringing a natural sense of welcome and comfort, as in a home. Design becomes the tool that makes it possible to create environments in which to share emotions, establishing harmony between the place and those who live there.

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