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A perforated and folded steel sheet characterizes the new façade of the Edogawa Garage Club in Tokyo. The exterior is inspired by the movement of the waves, a second skin that iridescent wraps entirely the old building and makes it current.

The new metal screen exterior is composed of a series of modular perforated metal plates that allow natural light to filter through the ventilation panels. Colour variations are marked by changes in brightness that produce an unexpected play of colours, gold and silver that enrich the versatile nature of the façade.

Edogawa-Garage-Club-Junichi-Ito-1No demolition of the old buildings, but a work of makeover that gets old and renews it. Designed by Japan Jun’ichi Ito Architect & Associates firm, this is an innovative and green project, because it does not generate waste due to decommissioning.

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