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The light bulb was invented about 135 years ago and, despite numerous technological innovations it had never changed the way it works. Not until today: the hi-tech company ‘LumiLabs‘ from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, launched the Lumious lamp that presents a new way of bringing sunlight inside our homes.

This new product is based on a new assumption: it considers the recent studies conducted on the relationship between biology and lighting. Throughout its history, humans have adjusted their lives and habits to daylight. Therefore, the human brain is most likely to give its best at dawn, while it will prepare to rest at dusk, when the day is about to end. So why can’t artificial light replicate this effect inside our homes?

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The Lumious lamp offers an answer to this question: this lamp comes with a special, new generation multi-colour Led lighting system providing high energy savings, while adjusting light intensity, colour and light angle to reflect the ones of daylight. In this way the lamp has a whole new function: it not only helps the viewing of objects, but it can also improve both productivity and mood. In addition to favouring a more natural awakening in the morning, it will have a positive impact on our lives throughout the day because, unlike a constant light source that can often provoke fatigue and headaches, this lamp can change its light every hour, helping our brain cope with the task at hand. Therefore, it will not only “bring” sunlight inside our homes when it is winter or it is raining outside, but it will also fulfil the “mission” promoted by the Human Centric Lighting Society.

Apart from being easy to install, the Lumious lamp has an elegant appearance with a slim, minimal design in machined aluminium and a frame in grind glass, making it perfect for the interiors of our homes and work places.

Before placing the Lumious lamp on the market, its creators have launched a crowd-funding operation on ‘IndieGoGo‘ that closed on 3 April. Its price is estimated to be around 300 USD (about 277 Euros).

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