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A virtual environment with lots of 3D glasses to get in. The simulation is not needed for a video game, but this time for the lighting of a large infrastructure project.

The stunt is the study of Finnish designers WSP, which are developing the lighting design of two new automotive and pedestrian bridges built to connect new residential areas of Helsinki, the Kruunuvuorensilta and Finkensilta bridges.


The simulation was developed using photographic, lighting and rendering engine scans a video game while the roadways are reproduced using a Building Information Model (BIM). This way you can see the effect that have different lighting solutions on the bridge and on the surrounding environment. The simulation is made even more realistic with sounds reproducing the passage of vehicles and the surrounding nature.


Lighting designers have created this virtual model in collaboration with the students of Aalto also with important communication goals. The virtual journey on the bridge lit up will help administrators to make the correct decisions on investments to make and will also be exposed to the public, starting next January in the Maituri Gallery in Helsinki.


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