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LUMIERE London, an arts festival that does its light theme to discover places and aspects of the city lived from new angles.

Northern Europe is not giving up in the cold and gray winter and, as in fact Amsterdam, London renews the appointment with light and a new energy, in all senses, offering a highly attractive art and light path.

Art is never an end in itself! The Festival wants to re-imagine the urban landscape and architecture of the city.

Until 22 January 2016, the Financial District of Canary Wharf - On the east side of the city - will be transformed

At Westferry Circus, a massive humanoid like installation is the protagonist of Fantastic Planet, Amanda Parer, evoking alien influences. At hot topic, My light is your light … by Alaa Minawi illuminates Jubilee Park with a tribute to Syrian refugees and all the brave individuals who seek refuge from the territories of the world involved in tragic conflicts. King’s cross; Mayfair and Grosvenor Square; Piccadilly,

All installations, created with an eye to energy efficiency, using low-impact and even LED street lights will be turned off or reduced, to save electricity, reducing light pollution.

You can discover the capital walking at night in familiar places that appear different, the power of light!

Many walking trails and plenty of opportunities to stop for a drink at numerous locations along the way.

Brothers and Sisters by Ron Haselden

IFO (Identified Flying Object) by Jacques RivalSuggested walking routes include: Leicester Square through Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey; from Piccadilly Circus in Grosvenor Square via Piccadilly Arcade and St James; Carnaby Street to Oxford Circus on Regent Street; e …..

Among the 18 interventions, many of them interactive, show a new face of the city, bringing creativity and warmth. Many international artists from the four corners of the world, who have confirmed their attendance, and who knew how to create a new urban sociability!

Garden of Light by TILT

Festival of lights and beyond, including sculptures, installations and provocative projects.

Most of the interventions focus on the communication Dynamics for contemporary new media era, including placing the light sculptures

With Julius Popp has developed a bit. fall, cascade of words in the Middle Dock, using digital tools to give rise to a metaphor of ceaseless flow of information which characterizes our everyday life. In Cabot Square, instead, the Totem of Biton Collective reacts with light pulses variables to presence, active and passive, the signals emitted by mobile phones.


The festival map is available to download at and will be distributed to visitors during the event.


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