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Acoustic comfort is one of the factors contributing, so absolutely decisive, the pleasures of everyday life.

How many times we are in public places, clubs, restaurants, bars where we’re hanging out with friends and we would not only taste, but also talk without too much effort? or in offices where we work, in schools where our children spend their time … Have some places sober acoustically.

Well today the materials out of which companies are focusing their energies-in terms of research and implementation -serve precisely this, to provide products that help to improve the standard of quality of life of every individual.

Glamora, designs and manufactures furniture for Interior Design cards trying to create looks unique charts and not stereotypical. Each client must be able to search through collections of proposals and the desired solution.
The creative value of the drawings and the versatility make Glamora a brand visionary who recreates new Visual identities, creating special look or simply adding poetry to interior spaces.

One of the goals of Glamora is to create innovations that this House is called: Glamacoustic.


This paper is the ideal support to make coverings for environments that you wish to protect from external noise. The performances over material provide high performance of sound insulation and absorption of the echo effect. In addition, Glamoracoustic, has the advantages of class 1 flame retardant products: washable, Glamora, hygienic, waterproof and peco content.


Unconventional products conquer the interior and seek to give extra value creative designers ‘ projects. New Visual identities, exclusive look and technically advanced that add poetry to interior spaces.

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