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From digital challenges to the rediscovery of the Italian artistic heritage, passing through the projects of new designers. HOMI is once again ready to impress

Change while staying the same. HOMI is prepared to tell a new story, through ideas and innovations by rediscovering success stories and hosting original and unusual events, always dedicated to a style that changes.


The Dream-Desire-Design (DDD) is one of the most exciting areas of this edition, a space devoted to international design talents that will host a selection of novelties designed and produced in nine foreign countries. The protagonists of this area will be the most impressive design creations of companies from Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, England, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Turkey, and Hungary.

Speaking of internationality, HOMI will give space to three different foreign groups from Egypt, India, and Japan that will open a window on aesthetics and new and surprising styles. Three different realities, with different sensitivities, will offer an overview of the trends in the textile and decoration, costume jewellery and jewellery and furniture accessory sectors.

On the other hand, the initiative Design Competition-Creativity, designed to give young design talents space, starts with one of its most important lags. This project, organised by the Region of Lombardy, in collaboration with the Unioncamere of Lombardy, ADI – The Industrial Design Association, will host 39 emerging designers and just as many companies, who will present their prototypes at HOMI.

HOMI Smart, a significant development, is a project that gives attention to the world that unites new technological devices with design: an incubator of ideas but, above all, a place where answers and solutions are found.

Developed in collaboration with IDLAb, HOMI Smart addresses issues related to the world of design 2.0 to spot trends that unite the most innovative technologies with the new opportunities to enhance research objects and accessories.

New dimensions of communication and taste are a breeding ground for generating new ideas, create interest and do business around the increasingly vital galaxy of design objects for the home.

In fact, the digital is used to communicate a brand innovatively, making the consumer an integral part of the process of marketing a product. The consumer is also involved thanks to new communication formulas, such as the augmented reality or immersive reality.

From the future that changes tradition, to the tradition that returns to inspire the future.

“La Magnifica Forma” is confirmed for the next edition of HOMI. This event draws inspiration from the comparison between Italian design and artistic heritage and offers a space to recount the numerous opportunities provided by the museum design through new and novel objects. In fact, museums and art exhibitions are areas where accessories and forms are combined with ancient and modern art to offer new objects that draw lymph from the inspiration of art but go “beyond”, becoming testimonies of beauty and timeless taste.

With the objective of providing ideas for best practices to follow in the merchandising and promotion of museums, “La Magnifica Forma” will once again make the results of its valuable and challenging research work available to the leaders of the Italian artistic heritage.


The next edition of the event will be dedicated to new and unprecedented objects inspired by the Reggia di Caserta (Palace of Caserta), an acknowledged special project of MiBACT, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Research will be focused on the enhancement of the Italian “know how” by creating an amazing showcase of fabrics, crystal, bronze castings, silverware, precious glass, porcelain and majolica, coral, marble, jewellery, marble mosaics greeted by a scene that will pay homage to the beauty of the Palace and its park.


The appointment is with HOMI in Milan, from the 16th to 19th September 2016

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