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Dominik Raskin, architect and Professor of design, presented an innovative and original. Thanks to the technique of 3D remodeling, Raskin has carried a stone carpet: has created a very thin layer of stone on a fiberglass housing; this mixture, while maintaining strength and durability, making it soft to the touch.

Peck pietra4A true innovation made possible by the use of three dimensional printer. The tiles pasted on a cotton fabric, has been laser cut. The effect is very real: the surface view geometric deformation texture reminiscent of a stone.

Peck pietra2

The carpet, which measures 110 cm to 60 cm, is available to order on the website of the designer. Innovative and versatile, it becomes an interesting solution for interior. In addition, this product is very versatile: folding it, you can give him some suggestive forms.


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