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The Argentine architect Aldana Ferrer Garcia has developed a new high performance concept, to transform an ordinary window into a modern alcove.

Aldana_MoreSky_02.024 (1)Among the aims of modern design there is sure the creation of solutions suitable for small spaces. Today many houses of the city are spread over a few square meters, but those who live there need to make them beautiful, cozy, with surprise spaces that make the house more functional.

Aldana_MoreSky_02.026Thus More Sky was born from the creative mind of Buenos Aires architect who is living now in America and who is teaching architectural theory.

This window is not a normal one, it can unfold like an accordion, without impacting on the exterior of the building. It opens and creates a “symbolic” cave where to relax or sit, a window on the world that allows you to live a unique experience, providing the inhabitant of the house its time to enjoy some relax and a view of the city scape, from an entirely different perspective.

Aldana_MoreSky_02.027 (1)This project was presented at the “Global Grad Show” during the Design week in Dubai inspiring in visitors a great interest.

Aldana_MoreSky_02.033The window should exploit existing compartments in equilibrium with the house improving the liveability and the perception of space. In addition to all these intrinsic functions of the window there are those practices that will enable the house to receive more light.

Aldana_MoreSky_02.038Are we ready for … the sky in a room?!

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