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A few months after its launch continues Living Media, a revolutionary design project that combines technological innovation at the exceptionality of an exclusive design.
Born from the idea of three experts in the field of communications and events, Media Living it involves the exposure of a hotel room in the heart of Milan for live an original experience, comfortable and affordable.

An unusual location, where relaxation is assured by all the comfort and privacy is guaranteed by acoustic isolation and a efficient security service but also a new touring communication tool and high visual impact.
Living unit, living unique, this is the slogan of the project that led to the exposure of the room in Largo La Foppa, and that will live a second phase.

Since September 2016, in fact, the Media Living rooms will be booked in Milan and Rome through the site or IOS and Android applications, which will also allow the geolocation of the nearest available hotel rooms and costs € 150.00 per night including the use of a Birò model electric car.
10% of revenues, for each room, will be donated to charity in support of “Families Sma Onlus”, non-profit association founded by a group of parents of children suffering from spinal muscular atrophy.
Also from September, will start the road show European Media Living, which will bring the unit 0.1 on display through the main capitals of culture and lifestyle: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona.

The creators Ahmed Abd El Hafez, owner of advertising agencies, Lorenzo and Andrea Brentini members of an agency of sporting events and communications have signed the project with the architectural firm Metodo Archinteriors founded by Martina Menegon, interior designers, and Claudia Ferrario , architect. Responsible for engineering the executive project is Ing. Massimo Truzzi.
The patent Living Media ® uses the most advanced technology: the use of outside ledwall video, mounted on living units travel in highly strategic positions, that can immerse the media outlet in unique locations of the urban reality.

The interior is designed to be habitable by two people. The sleeping area measuring 14 square meters and is equipped with fitted wardrobe, TV, wifi, audio and air conditioning manageable with an App. The bathroom of 3 square meters has furniture and plants able to ensure maximum comfort. The wall / background, backlit with adjustable intensity form an ever changing theme and determines the material and chromatic choices, offering different scenarios depending on the mood. The coatings of the walls using MagneticSkin technology, produced by Mattec and certified at the CNR of Florence, allows applying infinite materials and textures and gives the opportunity to remove them or replace them with a simple gesture.

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