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0.15 Zeroquindici: the couch built by the city and thought to sit and be comfortable.


Designed to make you feel good and make every moment enjoyable. For this 0.15 Zeroquindici generally it develops deputies projects to the public areas, to achieve more intimate spaces, linked to a markedly more “domestic” dimension creating modular seating to relax in the garden as well as in the city park.




0.15 Zeroquindici, like all Urbantime collection, proposes to transform the outdoor public spaces in places that people can be considered as extensions of their homes and where do the activities that we like. Socialization in urban areas would certainly be favored by comfortable and inviting street furniture.

Bench with back and double seat – series Diemmebi URBANTIME – galvanized steel coated with epoxy hot – seat, back and top of the transparent or colored painted ash slats table with special treatment for outdoor use – fixed to the ground with bolts

Available in a wide range of colors and shapes, outdoor use


Zeroquindici sofa is a modular system consisting of an armrest and an infinitely approachable ergonomic seat in numerous solutions that stimulate creativity: seater sofa for those who want to carve out a nice moment for itself, a two-seater sofa for the first meetings, or why not a giant snake on the boardwalk.

Design: Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari




The dual-seat backrest and the wide range of colors in production translate VENTIQUATTRORE.h24 not only in the “” ideal for the reception and the rest, but also in the “place” perfect for a moment to enjoy intensely.






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