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A Bucket seat bench has a limited edition, to pay homage to the 21ST internationalTriennale


It’s the perfect synthesis of productivity made in Italy. It’s the Bucket seat designed by Lorenzo Damiani for a designer brand that has managed to recover industrial excellence of Italian territory looking for value in craftsmanship, creating in team with designers involved in projects with new solutions for living and being.




“Sincere Products” high technical and aesthetic quality, in pure materials, timeless and of course environmentally friendly.

At the opening of the XXI International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale, staged until September 12,

From presents a limited edition of the project Bucket to pay homage to the return of this important event that since 1933 defines the history of architecture and design.


So the bench Bucket, obtained by bending a metal plate due to molds for the production of agricultural buckets, is tinged with red and repeats, like a tattoo, the logo of the event. Lasting products where it expresses the craftsmanship and sensitivity Designer.

DAA It is the meeting of a process dedicated to the production of heavy machinery and furniture design. An alternative route to the serial production that places fifteen designers and industrial excellence Made in Italy face a new challenge: to create furnishings with the tools and skills with which you create buckets, arms and frames for construction equipment.


“From to” therefore it means to make a change in the status ”

A border challenge that does riferimanto to the past but is expressed through careful tried searching through what can be handed down, becoming a unique thing.

Daa object includes a plurality of voices to create a new, stronger and clear, made of plastic relationship created between designers and materials, metal and more, industrial and craftsmanship process in the weld, bend, finish.

Daa is launching a new “hybridization” of skills to introduce new methodologies to create and inhabit.

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