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A private redevelopment project that wanted to unite contemporary functionality and charm of unspoiled nature. An existing pre cottage has been transformed in a house ultimate solution thanks to the architectural firm working Nick Deaver Architect in a wooded area not far in Austin, Texas.

In a set back off the main road, the surface of the cottage and the surrounding land is crossed by the drain line of the city and a dry river at the back.

Natural features retained and enhanced, which were the backdrop to the most important natural elements, that have become the focus of the whole project: two large protected oaks. Next to them, the owners have requested and obtained the spread of spaces as much as possible suitable to host events, private dinners and to become a cool retreat not far from the city chaos.

Collectors of paintings, sculptures and music lovers, they wanted to trasform the functional cottage for these hobbies, enriching it with spaces dedicated to art and listening and producing music. The architects have therefore sought to merge these souls with the essence of the place of origin of the building and the pre existing residential context, making the interior spaces almost a natural extension of the outer ones.

The traditional form of cottege with thin roof, low-pitched has been retained, while the carport has been set back and camouflaged as much as possible.

The rest was partly revolutionized with a new kitchen, new rooms and outdoor terraces that continue inside the house, designed on one level.
The integration of space to exploit, trees and nature, and the use of wood as a primary material, allowed a harmonious fusion with the surrounding space and the full exploitation of the peculiarities of the place.

The light occupies an important position in the project, filtering through the trees and then through large sheets of glass, sliding doors and panel, and a quiet porch aesthetically designed so as not to compromise the natural beauty of the place. A peaceful oasis just a short walk from the busy Austin, where regenerate and re-establish contact with nature, lulled by the sound of the leaves of redwood trees that move in the wind.

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