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Zero Kilometers, Zero CO2 and Zero Waste: Created by Matteo Thun, in collaboration with architect Stein-Hemmes-Wirtz for the management of the building site and with the landscape architect Johannes Cox for the Aree Verdi project, this accommodation facility is surrounded by the vineyards of the Mosella valley.

Awarded with the “Architekturpreis Wein” prize, the Winery Longen – Schlöder is composed of 20 slate dwellings perfectly integrated in the adjacent environment completely respecting the genius loci. Sustainable architecture becomes logic consequence of the analysis and the regard to the contest. We, in fact, refer to it as respect of the “3Zero”:   Zero Kilometers, which recalls the attention focused on the choice of construction materials originating from local sites and aiming to a zero-km transportation.
Zero CO2: the goal is to apply construction techniques to close to zero C02 emissions aimed to the creation of buildings the least possible emission of CO2.
Zero Waste: in consideration of the complete life cycle of a building or product, the target is the optimization of the waste balance.


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