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Lent Space is a temporary park in New York. A space where you can relax, enjoy a sunny day among the skyscrapers of a city always on the move. In the heart of Manhattan, Studio Interboro Partners architects in Brooklyn have designed a new urban space where exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances can be hosted.

A garden, a green place, and a multifunctional area at the same time. Redesigning a corner of the city, creating something very flexible and versatile that will be in harmony with the surrounding buildings as if they formed a “frame” of security.

Lent Space6

Lent Space7

The space was decorated with many moving parts that make up the fence. They are all made of marine plywood and they were mounted on galvanized steel frames and they were decorated with reflective aluminium. Sustainable materials, low-cost, which enhance a depressed area or otherwise abandoned.

Lent SpaceLent Space reflects a stronger and stronger trend today. Converting again abandoned places, depressed or left un-built in new spaces, where the city can live and congregate. This project is only one design style Dozer that suits the school. And, thanks to the financial crisis, people like it. Green light for temporary projects which enhance the landscape and transform cities into works of art on open air.

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