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The system design project “Acre, Made in Amazonia” joins together various businesses that participated in the project and would like to be the first seed of a productive development of Amazonia, always striving to be sustainable, whether in the environmental sense, but mostly socially sustainable.

The project is a collaboration between (a consortium of the Politecnico di Milano ) and the State of Acre, through the Instituto Dom Moacyr e SEDENS, with the support of SEBRAE, CNI, BID e FIEAC, whose aim is to create a design system with territorial ties to its cultural identity and its industrial development. The concepts of the diverse lines were elaborated as part of a course still under development that involves students from the architecture college, artists, and masons.

Together they identified the diverse souls for the local culture and created a “visual Acrean grammar” that would afterwards be used as inspiration for the project and visual communication of the furniture.

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