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The nature converses with the city. The French architect Stephane Malka, a former graffiti artist and author, presented the project of a restaurant with an interesting exterior in Paris. A wooden casing protects glass structure: a meeting of different materials to represent the relationship with nature.

EP7 restaurant stephane malka“The restaurant EP7 evokes the myth, represents the return to an original architecture, reminiscent of a mountain, a forest, a summons. It represents the desire to reconnect with our roots, creating a more harmonious relationship with nature” the artist explains. An urban art, or Land Art, project, Stephane Malka summarizes.

EP7 restaurant stephane malkaThe raw wood becomes the bark that, with irregular profiles, covers, almost to dominate, the building. The latter was achieved with large transparent glass that are seen in a trunk and the other up to dominate on the main façade. The vegetation also characterizes the exterior of the building: flowers, trees and plants grow on vertical walls.

EP7 restaurant stephane malkaThe restaurant is on three levels, the interior is free of invasive architectural elements; the setting is white, the transparency and natural light dominate. These are choices that enhance the wood bark dominating up penetrate the perimeter of the building.

EP7 restaurant stephane malkaAn architecture that wants to be a provocation, both hybrid construction and artwork.

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