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Solidity of the stand and lightness of the volume: these are the main characteristics of the public library of Greve in Chianti. The protagonists of this structure are brick and travertine.

Biblioteca GreveChosen for their contrasting characteristics, these materials draw upon the strength of the base, which seems heavy, durable, solid and it consists of travertine blocks, and the lightness of Impruneta terracotta volume above.

The structure consists of two blocks, positioned one above the other. The large entrance hall with double height accompanies upstairs where there is the reading room, which overlooks the central void. Here the natural light is metered by “diaphragm” walls made of terracotta elements: walls are full of cracks and textures that create a charming textural variation.

Biblioteca GreveTerracotta is revisited: 15×50 cm items rotate around the axis to assume different positions which determine the texture of the façade. This special treatment makes higher volume look like a big “trina in terracotta” with a variable rhythm based both on the articulation of the walls on the sides of the building, and on weather conditions.

Biblioteca GreveThe structure was designed by MDU Architects firm and the coating is made with Palagio Engineering materials.

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