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The Triennale Design Museum dedicated an entire exhibition hall to a series of unique projects that shared a common feature, i.e. the use of the OLED technology that – for economic reasons – has been mostly used for large-scale decorating projects. At present, the integration of OLEDs is still closely linked with the world of interior design and experimentation, but in the future, we expect OLED to offer lighting solutions that can encourage a new use of light. This is possible thanks to long lamp life (20,000 hours) and features – extra slim and glare-free, without heat emission.

The installation completed in Milan in April delivered a truly unique magic show, dictated by the special type of light that OLEDs can emit. Just like a ballroom lit up by a chandelier, three different design solutions co-existed.

The walls featured Lucky Eye by Cibicworkshop, a creation that lives on the very fine light of OLED panels and originates from the belief according to which the mirrors of fortune-tellers bring good luck to their owners. This is why this object is “magical” and luminous. The installation is completed by two projects designed by the FrenchThierry Gaugain: the Peau d’Ane light sculpture was inspired by the I.Rain light shower, and by Bellmondo, a small rechargeable wireless lamp, suited for both interiors and exteriors that can embed one or more OLED modules.



The exhibition was presented by BlackBody, a company specialised in OLED lighting design.

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