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There are many areas dedicated to the various dimensions of style and Interesting events that allow us to best take care of ourselves and and our environment. At HOMI. design and beauty  inspirations for the home  and  the individual are at  the centre  of the show, with exhibition layouts that bring together new aesthetic experiences and original ideas for how to experience the objects that make up our dally lives.

The themed  satellite areas are always at  the centre  of the show – Living Habits, Home Wei/ness, Fragrances & Personal Care, Fashion & Jewels, Gifts & Events, Garden & Outdoor, kid style, Home Textiles, Hobby & Work – and are the beating  heart of the exhibition along with other special areas and events at HOML which are always targeted toward business, conviviality and experimentation. 

The important themed sections of HOMI Sperimenta have been confirmed. These areas are dedicated to research and make for a place  where one can  discover innovations and interesting updates. The Creazioni areas are also to return. These spaces have been planned in collaboration with Artex, the Centre for Artistic and Traditional Craftsmanship in Tuscany, and feature products that are the result of company research, able to bring together  an essence  of innovation and  research with the concept of manual “savoir-faire” applied  to the Innovation of techniques and materials in objects that combine design and tradition.


The companies in the Creazioni area- Italian and International firms that are often small In size – manufacture with a  very high level of  technical and  manual  abilities, often experimenting with new creative models. Specifically, when it comes to the avant-garde in creativity,this will once again be at the centre of the Creazioni designer  area dedicated to young and emerging talents who will be featured  alongside winners from the Homi Maker Design Award, a contest meant for makers, artisans,artists and designers under the age of 35.

These are people  who work with a type of artistic craftsmanship that takes inspiration from the contemporary. This is an initiative that HOMI has supported for years in order to encourage young people to innovate and bring new creative worlds to the fore.

In the Living Habits satellite,the stars of the show will be  the Table and  the Kitchen, which represent some of the most Interesting dimensions of HOMI – the Importance of conviviality and the delight  in gathering together. Innovative and  imaginative experiences  are also to be featured and these will involve professionals in the  area,which is dedicated to quality  food products with a strong emphasis on research into original packaging that is able to create value.
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Then there’s  LA MAGNIFICA FORMA, the ever more  spirited exhibition  that  brings together design and artistic craftsmanship,based on the concept of the interaction between “Made in Italy” and our cultural heritage.

The young designers at the centre of this fifth edition will once again work under Anna Del Gatto’s leadership,this  time on a project that  revisits objects by taking  inspiration from our historical and artistic past. These objects  will be offered up in a new way,thanks also to the use of new technologies. The exhibition is to display existing objects paired with those that have been reworked. It is to be a metaphor – a symbolic journey toward a possible New Design and the design scenarios that could result. The objects and companies currently being selected are the best in Italian manufacture of glass,crystal,porcelain,ceramics,silver and Plexiglas.

The second edition  of HOMICLASS has also been confirmed. This is a unique  space that features  a  simulated  historic palazzo  backdrop and  hosts excellent  pieces  and  products from companies that offer a ·new classic” feel,and that have over time continued to offer Italian style that Is recognized throughout the world for uniqueness and beauty. HOMISPHERE has also been confirmed. This is the HOMI concept that interprets new lifestyles in the food & wine, hospitality  and  the contract industry areas. It is targeted toward a market  segment seeking taste,comfort,design and exclusivity. It comes up with new formats to offer them to visitors with the taste and elegance of “Made In Italy.·

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The HOMI OUTDOOR project continues  as well. This project highlights  beauty, making  the most of the design of spaces and  objects in that unique  area  that is Outdoor. Then there’s HOMI WELLNESS, which  comes  up  with  new  ways  of  experiencing the  relaxing  area  of wellness.

In January, there’s  also time for Festivity, the section dedicated to Christmas ornaments, holiday decorations and  nativity  scenes. This year  It Is to  be  located Inside pavilion  5, together and in line with the most traditionalarea of HOMI dedicated to decoration.

Festivity will also be an opportunity to discover offerings and new trends for the most joyous and colourful environments,and will seNe to complement HOMI’s satellites GIFT a EVENTS e HOBBY a WORK, dedicated to gifts,paper products,writing products and items for the office.

The area HOMI KIDS STYLE is also to return, after  a positive September 2015 edition. It is to expand its space dedicated to products,scenarios and styles for little ones.



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