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Design for All–DfA is a new design culture that responds to the increasingly diversified needs of society. Idea Design for All, the first Italian initiative for the introduction of Design for All in small and medium businesses, began one year ago with the selection of five small and medium firms from Milan and its Province which then participated, thanks to the support of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and a team of experts from the Associazione Design for All Italia, in a training program organized in three workshops, to analyze the various aspects of DfA – marketing, ergonomics and design – fundamental elements to lay the groundwork and formulate the guidelines for a DfA product.

Design for All comes from awareness of the fact that traditional industrial design is aimed at a standard potential user, thus excluding large portions of society as a whole. Design for All represents the response to this discrimination, providing a method based on synergy of specialists in different disciplines – design, ergonomics and marketing – to create products that satisfy the needs of individuals of all kinds (short, tall, pregnant, etc).

The DfA approach also offers new economic advantages for small and medium businesses, who apply this innovative design culture because it can lead to growth opportunities, to make businesses more competitive, widening market targets and setting firms apart from their competitors.

The jury composed of representatives of the Chamber of Commerce of Milan and the Associazione Design for All Italia has selected, as the best DfA idea, the proposal of Gruppo Confalonieri.

This implies the possibility of making use of consulting by the Design for All Italia team in the launch and marketing of a new product. All the projects will be patented and launched on the market, also thanks to the skills acquired during the entire training program. The products will be eligible for the DfA Start and DfA Quality trademarks.


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