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Among the most sustainable architecture projects in the world, there is also the Federal Center South Building designed by the firm ZGF Architects (Zimmer Gunzul Frasca Architects – international Studio with offices in Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Washington, New York and Vancouver).

This building was one of the ten projects more accountable and responsive to environmental concerns by AIA – the American Institute of Architects. The keywords of this award (now in its 17th Edition) are in fact recycling, energy improvement, energy saving, water saving and energy efficiency.

Federal Center South Building, ZGF Architects LLP 8

The Federal Center South Building is in Seattle and houses the headquarters of the u.s. Army Corps of Engineers. Thanks to excellent energy performance, architecture has become part of the project “2030 Challenge” with which the city of Seattle aims to reduce energy consumption of 50% by 2030.

Federal Center South Building, ZGF Architects LLP 6

This building has zero energy, Net Zero Energy: the energy production exceeds consumption. Is one of the first buildings where was tested using a geothermal system for heating and cooling. Moreover, the presence of radiant panels on the ceiling and a lighting system of last generation allow the structure to achieve high efficiency.

Federal Center South Building, ZGF Architects LLP

The building also has another important result: it was designed in less than 18 weeks. The energy efficient accompanies the use of natural materials: the common rooms, the lobby and the stairs were coated with natural wood, salvaged from the old building. The old building, in fact, way back in 1202 housed a warehouse.

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