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Panchoran (which means “spring”) is an earthly paradise hidden in the forests of Bali: it is the ideal place for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy some wonderful moments. Here the Irish designer Linda Garland made her Panchoran Retreat.


Panchoran Retreat is a haven built with bamboo, which grows wild in the area, and with old telephone poles purchased by the local government. Here everything is warm, cosy and made of natural materials, most of them recycled or locally sourced.

Panchoran RetreatThe five airy and independent villas scattered through the forest are made of bamboo, and they are rested on former telephone poles and native herbs taken directly from the courtyard of the resort. The woods come from old houses and roofs are made of alang alang, a type of grass which grows in the grounds of the estate.

Panchoran RetreatDon’t forget the swimming pool surrounded by greenery, sparkling waterfalls and organic gardens, where Garland cultivates rice, palms and medicinal plants.


Even the furnishings of the Retreat were almost all designed by Garland; the minimal furniture is based on curtains and pillows. The flagship of this earthly paradise is the Jungle Gym, an area dedicated to yoga, suspended like a bridge over the river. Using a small hydroelectric system, Linda Garland began producing electricity using water from the river.


This is a true heaven, a tribute to nature!

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