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A large irregular mirror Prism with irregular and changing facets beyond: this is the new home of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) which was inaugurated in October in Cleveland.

The four floors of the building are encapsulated in a faceted surface made of blue stainless steel with multiple purposes. The transparent façade coating has a special mirror enamel that allows you to filter the sunlight. In this way the interiors are well lighting, while the heat remains outside: this solution also solves the problem of natural overheating.

The Museum can be accessed from all six sides, so the structure makes the most of the flexibility of the spaces. The diagonal orientation, finally, allows the building to be reflected on several fronts. Visitors can live a unique experience, having the illusion of a moving perspective.

Ready to receive LEED Silver certification for its high energy-saving standards, the 34 thousand square meters minimalist black cube has been designed by the Iranian architect Farshid Moussavi.

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