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Disegna composite board floorings, distributed in Italy exclusively by BHC, have introduced, in the outdoor space design, new expressive possibilities, through an exclusive, high-quality product.

Now, it will be possible to carry out also the façades with this innovative material. Fruit of a continuous research work and a careful production process, the system of WPC ventilated façade (wood plastic composite), becomes so a reality.

The boards forming the ventilated façade system by Disegna present two finishes: smooth and grooved. Each board is reversible, so that during the laying you can choose the desired finish. The laying technique taking place through a male-female assembly system, with stainless steel fixings, guarantees, at any time, a correct and stable laying without visible screws.

The WPC boards produced by Disegna are the most advanced material, whose aesthetic component has been designed carefully to offer added value to the projects. The wide range of colours and finishes allows applying it in various combinations and situations, by creating exclusive designs making the difference. Design solutions are available at the showroom BHC in Milan, Como and Torino.

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