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San Marco facing bricks represents true Italian tradition, the fruit of time-honored expertise that is unmatched within the field of terracotta building materials.

Wang Shu, the first Chinese architect to win the Pritzker Prize has built some of his most famous buildings, such as the Nogbo Museum, reusing old buildings demolished brick. A choice particolamente significant development in China forced stages, which threatens to engulf the past.


Wang Shu is among the authors in the exhibition Architecture as Art, visited the Hangar Bicocca until September 12, as part of the XXI International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale.




“Only people who understand the nature of the materials can make art using the” materials.

This sentence of Wang Shu best summarizes the overall sense of the show created and directed by Pierluigi Nicolin. In large spaces Hangar visitors are faced not drawings and models, but actual samples of architectural constructions that show their artistic side, beyond the function that normally have. In this sense the Wang Shu contribution is particularly significant for the shapes and the material chosen. Wang Shu has designed an installation in facing bricks, consists of a series of wall-scenes, in which the Chinese architect shows the many meanings of masonry, the construction expertise, the bonding of materials with the earth and nature .


The bricks in the brick are manufactured by the Italian company San Marco, with traditional soft paste technique and made with the use of natural clay without additives. With a special process it obtained a roughness that animates the texture. The red coloring is obtained with the mixing of clay from quarries owned SanMarco without the addition of pigments or dyes.

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