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Spanish Bakery is a new proposal of ratail shop, extraordinary idea.

Pink as the icing of the cake, candy or candy. The firm Ideo Arquitectura chose the nuance of sweetness for excellence to fully review the interior design of a pastry shop and bakery in Alcala de Henares, a town not far from Madrid.


A touch of glamour-filled color that blends with the existing architecture of the building by supplementing and giving it a new life in a contemporary way

First, the creative team, led by the architect Virginia del Barco, cleared the interior walls and created an open space, letting the walls with exposed brick give the space of the historical building a feeling of warmth and welcome.


An environment in which the lead role is reserved to the ceiling dominated by an installation consisting of over 12000 pink wooden sticks of different lengths, hung on to simulate a reef that the front door extends into every corner of the store. Wooden poles seem to sway, attracting visitors towards the back of the bakery, where you can stop to eat in a convivial atmosphere, after making their purchases.
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The firm has also designed the lamps of the same coloring, mimicking the tubular shape of Setup and some furniture such as chairs, stools, shelves, counter and blackboards in a shade of pink shades lighter. As well as giving the space a micro concrete floor subtle elegance. Pink attitude even as for the logo of the lighted sign on the façade that like the rest of the complements of interior design exalts the classicism of his historic streak of 150 years merging Palace with contemporary lines and materials chosen by the Studio Ideo Arquitectura.

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