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Tileskin, the adhesive backing laminating which transforms a tiled wall in an infinity of decorative and creative possibilities


The Tileskin® 2016 collection rediscovers a trend in interior design: color pattern and textures that can change the face of every room of your home, from the bathroom to the bedroom, from the kitchen to the trendiest of the lounges. Brand entirely made in Italy, from conception to production, Tileskin® was born from the creativity of the entrepreneur Aldo Cami, which operates in the




Creative Tileskin® propose new patterns and colors almost every settimana.Tileskin®: the revolution began less than a year ago

Slate, onyx, brass, mosaic tiles, marble … They are precious materials, rare, expensive and complicated to install in your own home; a floor or a wall with these materials often remain an unattainable dream. It was true, until the arrival of Tileskin®: Today you can apply on their own tiles a durable adhesive laminating which reproduces perfectly countless stones, patterns, designs and colors. It’s called Tileskin® and allows you to change the look of their tiles without opening a yard at home.
Tileskin® #pimpmyhouse

Tileskin® can be applied without any masonry work, with a very low financial investment than a real restructuring. And ‘guaranteed up to 5 years and is available in dozens of colors and graphics “à la carte”, in the sizes of their tiles.

The tiles for the bathroom are able to resist water and to absorb odors for over two years while those for the kitchen, to be positioned behind the fires, are resistant to heat and cleaning. The coverings for the floor tiles are obviously non-slip, sturdy and resistant to private domestic use and represent marble, cement, parquet, metals, stones, mosaics …



Tileskin® is removable without much effort and in a jiffy if we do not like anymore. And with Window, the collection of views trompe-l’oeil, in 10 minutes we open a window in a blind bathroom overlooking New York, Venice or … on a tropical beach!

And with the same simplicity it is removed.

All without glue, tools, work long and above all without requiring any technical skill: the world is Tileskin® #superdesignfordummie

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