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This scheme involves an architectural and technical (energy) overhaul of an office building facing onto via Giardini and improvements to the surrounding external areas. In terms of detailed design, the architectural appearance has been rationalised via the demolition of incongruous buildings added over time and a revision of the layout of the facades giving them a sober and rational design that reflects the identity of the company.

Uffici Mirage3The building incorporates the use of all possible versions of porcelain stoneware: on the main elevation, as well as a large cornice running all around made from 60 x 120 cm tiles, there are large areas of ventilated facade made from 90 x 90 cm tiles, with ribbon windows using a continuous facade system; lower down a screen has been created over a series of service windows by positioning a brise-soleil system in square-section metal tube that is also clad in ceramic. On the south side the ceramic cladding is set against and integrated with a photovoltaic facade in amorphous silicon; on the west side, to protect the windows from afternoon sun, a brise-soleil with a rectangular section (also clad in porcelain stoneware) is set in a regular grid of projecting frames. The new entrances are highlighted via some distinctive architectural features: on the main elevation the new steps and canopy complete a series of vertical metal tubes while the secondary elevation features a porcelain-clad wall and glass canopy.

Uffici Mirage2In terms of energy, the elevations have been redesigned completely with the introduction of external insulation and all windows have been replaced with high-performance, thermal-break solutions. Alterations to the external area see the introduction of a large paved pedestrian area that acts as an outdoor exhibition space with a new metal fence facing the road and a new signage totem.

Uffici Mirage7

Restyling Mirage Offices in Pavullo, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Marazzi Architects
Completed: 2013
Built area: 1500 sqm
External areas: 1815 sqm
Materials: Ceramic Materials, Aluminium
Applications: Envelope, Facing, External areas
Figures: © Marazzi Architetti

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