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#SUSTAINABILITY – After the announcement of the project in early summer, the work of Villages Nature have already begun. Villages Nature is the new eco-tourism destination, based on the search for harmony between man and nature. It is designed and it will be managed by applying the highest standards of sustainable development, in particular by using local renewable energy: geothermal energy deep in the Dogger in the Île-de-France, which will cover 100% of the energy requirements of the site.

Villages Nature4

Villages Nature2Villages Nature is located 32 km east of Paris, in the Seine-et-Marne. It marks the start of a new generation of tourism projects and territorial programming that combines accessibility through transport, urban proximity and local energy. Territorial integration is planned by an innovative Sustainable Action Plan establishing quantitative and qualitative parameters that are applied to all project phases: design, construction and exploitation of tourism. This project is developed with the British NGO BioRegional: they adopt the same “One Planet Living” methodology. In 2013 Village Nature was also chosen by the United Nations Environment Programme as a major project to apply the “Global Partnership for sustainable tourism“.

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Villages Nature

Villages Nature has been recognized as a public utility and it has been classified by the “National Interest Operation” (OIN) and “Project of General Interest” (PIG), especially for the relevance of social and economic benefits. They the creation of 4,500 direct jobs and in related industries, which employed 1,600 direct to the end of phase 1 (a thousand occupied by 2016 to which you will add the equivalent of 1,000 full-time jobs in construction by 2016).

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