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Space and interiors, the event organized by Made EXPO during the Milan Design Week, brings together a selection of manufacturers of innovative materials and components for architecture. The draft space & interiors is designed by studio Migliore + Servetto Architects, which has plans for major events and prestigious brands and numerous installations for exhibitions and museums around the world. Projects that have received many international awards, including two Golden Compass (2008 and2014).



We asked the architect Ico Migliore to tell us about the main features of this project Space&Interiors


“We conceived space & interiors explains better-as a path, a sort of” covered walkway , in that host companies that represent excellence in the field of materials and finishes for the construction industry. The visitor meets 10 towers where selectedproducts are collected by companies, which tell the building components in their variables and permutations for interior design. The intent is to show how the identity is generated by combining housing and from the Assembly of these components. Doors, floors, walls, all components of the housing box help determine the quality of Interior Design.
Additionally, the path of space and interiors also includes a collection of twenty miniatures made by students of the Polytechnic that reproduce interior architecture projects signed by names that have made the history of architecture and design as Victor Horta, Ettore Sottsass, Carlo Mollino, Rem Koolhaas.



Illustrious examples, which show the importance of materials and finishes in interior design, a concept that Koolhaas, Director of the last Venice Biennale, has repeatedly stressed .
In your equipment is of great importance the use of light and of innovative materials, is it the same for space and interiors?
“Of course, in all our work we attach great importance to the relationship between light and shadow, as well as that between fullness and emptiness. The light especially in our projects also has a narrative function, in addition to drawing the environment aims to emphasize certain details, highlight the objects and creates a relationship between the subjects and the public .
What binds an event dedicated to materials and finishes a week‘s Milan Furniture Fair?
The design in recent years has gone beyond the object itself. Interior objects and materials have been uploaded by other uses. There are smart objects that communicate with the environment, technological replicas of natural materials that make the project more sustainable. The designer has to relate with this new technological world where a piece of furniture not only has a value of image, but also a content to communicate. The construction materials and the various components are in a sense more alive and always will be more. For this space and interiors, with its innovative products is an important event of Design Week .
When and where
space and interiors will be held in Milan from 12 to 16 April at The Mall Brings New, exclusive and innovative location part of Brera Design District
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