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“I’m trying to take a step back and allow the material to speak for itself.” (Fernando Mastrangelo)

“Drift Bench” is the bench that will be presented in the next 28-31 January Art Genève. The artist, whose work is a perfect combination of art and design, is Fernando Mastrangelo.

200116_06-800x479-sculptural bench _

The bench, a product of limited collection FMS, enhances the border becoming weaker between the world of art and interior design. To achieve it, the creator of Brooklyn has used glass, salt, sugar, hand-colored sand and quartz. This compound was mixed with cement: the result is a sculpture that enhances the craftsmanship of Magee.

200116_05-800x582-sculptural bench _

Designed for interior, thanks to dark colors that can blend in with nature and properties of the various components, the bench is also ideal for outdoor environments.

200116_05-800x582-sculptural bench _

The shape highlights the special feature: the linearity of the first half of the bench with the facets irregular second, at a meeting of elements that manages to appear harmonious.


Fernando Mastrangelo is an artist who loves to experiment and use different materials and multiple, even provocative. He did discuss the work “Felix” made with cocaine or “SalvaMara” for whom he cremated ashes and used gunpowder.


Art, designed by the artist as strong language and decided now is at the service of design to create sculptures with a strong intrinsic value.

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