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Led and oled are the future, but the light bulb still fascinates me.

1. What is the method in developing your projects? Do you start from the light body or from the source?

That depends on the design I am working on. I have created lamps both ways. For me, it is a question what kind of inspiration is the starting point. For example, for the table lamp Mozzkito, I used a tea strainer. That was in 1996. We needed to find a light source that fits inside, and makes the kind of light I imagine. In other cases, I am fascinated by a certain type of light source, and I am inspired to do something with it. For example, this spring my team and I created a piece with flexible OLEDs in cooperation with Konica-Minolta. They showed us their prototypes last year, and we have presented that piece at light+building in Frankfurt and in Milan.

2. Which is the most relevant and interesting technology for you, nowadays?

I couldn’t say which is the most relevant or interesting technology. I think it is fantastic that we have much more possibilities now than in the 1960s when I started and more than in the 1980s when low-voltage halogen became popular. LED and OLED have great features, but I continue to love the light bulb and the warm, glowing light, too!


3. Which is among your projects the one you love the most?

Difficult question! I love many of them. I am most passionate for the designs I am working on right now: a new collection, an important part of what is going to be presented in April.

4. Which is the project that others try to copy the most?

That is not really an issue that interests me very much. But it is pretty obvious that our large bowl-shaped lamps, Pierre ou Paul which we presented in 1996, kicked off a boom of lamps with similar shapes. Both Pierre ou Paul and XXL Dome (1999) are lacquered in strong colours on the inside of their shape.   65. What did you present at Salone del Mobile 2014 in Milano?

At Spazio Krizia, there was a lot of gold. I have worked with gold for a long time, and the reflection of light on gold continues to fascinate me.

6. Since you’re a Master of lighting design, is there someone that you can consider your successor? And in general: What are the trends about lighting design?

Is there anyone who is only working in lighting design as I do, with truly original ideas? I don’t think so, but maybe I just don’t know? But it is understandable, the younger designers educated as industrial designers also work on other projects, if they are exceptionally good, they design furniture and other objects, too.

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