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The Green characterizes the exterior of the new Convention Centre designed in Poland by architects JEMS. The International Conference Centre (ICC) is a modern and versatile space made in Katowice, a city in southern Poland.


The building also houses the New Silesian Museum and the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra: these volumes, together with the ICC, seem to be held together with one another from an outer casing made with grass. A large lawn in fact covers all three structures.

LTVS-jemsarchitekci-09The entire complex is shaped like a large block irregular. Lower tiers alternate on upper floors accessible through the steps. The outer casing is of a complex system of sheds, stairs and terraces and gives life to a sinuous movement that combines nature and architecture.

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The architects chose this particular solution to lessen the Visual impact of large and important building, designed in a particular context of the city: a neighborhood dominated by offices and industry.

LTVS-jemsarchitekci-08The vertical facades of the building are made of sheet metal that creates a continuous dialogue between interior and exterior. In addition, the particular form of the ICC allows to look through the holes in the metal coatings and see the entire architecture from other perspectives.

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