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Facades enhance up to become urban decoration projects. And now it is becoming a trend in the City, no more just a technical requirement. It concerns not only on public buildings that are renewed, starting from the exterior, but also on private homes buying charm with luxury finishes.

Mayfair HouseThe British Squire& Partners architectural studio has restructured a three-levels private house, Mayfair House, in Mayfair Conservation Area, in Westminster, just starting from the exterior. This is a shining example of architectural decoration.

Mayfair HouseTaking inspiration from the urban development of the area and, in particular by a 1800s’ building whose facades are covered with leaves and vines, the architects have clad the exterior and the roof of the house with over 4,000 leaf shape metal elements: each leaf has been folded and aluminum ppc coated. These metallic elements were produced in different colours, ranging from red to orange, to make the project recall the vegetation that characterizes the English homes, which changes color with the changing of the seasons.

Mayfair HouseThe impact project is the result of a research project lasted three years and developed in partnership with the Swiss manufacturer Tuchschmid.

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