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Looks like a pun instead is an ambitious Apil event, the National Association of lighting professionals, that is, all those who are doing their part to make our habitat interior and exterior better lit!

The battles and sensitization that the Association carries out well expressed in this project-event dedicated to urban lighting.

Designing the designer has existed for some years and seeks to involve precisely the designers of lighting and involve them in the new scenarios involving light and its evolutions and technical applications, which these days follow each other quickly.

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Susanna Antico, President of APIL, stated that designing the designer 2016, would be dedicated to urban lighting, with particular focus on Smart City.

Urban lighting is a hot topic, much debated in which professionals are particularly attached. The light in the city, not only prepares and characterizes the urban space at night, but becomes especially the tool through which you can actually experience the city at night, encouraging social interaction.

The technologies available today allow you to construct, in the true sense of the word, a Smart City on a human scale. In addition to the high energy-saving and more efficient and environmentally-friendly installations, you must take into consideration, especially those who live in the city every day.

Then make a note on your calendar that the February 25, 2015 from 14:00 at the head office in Milan will take place in Foro Bonaparte, 65 APIL the 2016 Edition of designing the designer entitled:

Intelligent lights to the city of the future.

To attend the event please download the flyer and fill out the form and send the pdf to the Secretariat of APIL:

Download the poster

l program to design the designer 2016

registration begins 14:00
1st part – at 14:30: to the smart city
  1. Introduction: Ima Abdullah, President Of APIL
  2. Smart cities and Smart Grid technology at the service of the city – Michele Vianello, Digital Evangelist at Ars etInventio
  3. Light floors have clipped his wings – John a. Albertin, partner APIL
Coffee break/buffet – 16.00 hours
2nd part – at 16:15: How smart? Regulations and tools
  1. LED fixtures: outdoor lighting and overvoltage – Ing. Matthew Raimondi, IMQ lighting laboratory director
  2. LED technology, the light – IMQ product certification Function Carriere,
  3. The artifice of light: interpretations of contemporary night landscape – Helena Gentiles, socia APIL
Closure scheduled at 18:00
For more information please contact the Secretariat of APIL:
Tel. (+39) 02 80604 304
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