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An initiative of Regione Lombardia dara more strength to the designers of the region see HOMI stage of excellence of new forms of style

HOMI 4HOMI becomes the protagonist of Design Competition, the important initiative of Reglone Lombardy, in collaboration with ADI, Associazione per il Disegno lndustriale, that will allow some young designers to discuss and get involved by designing new items for the House and the person, in the spirit that makes the Salon lifestyles of Proud Milan a workshop of taste and innovative design solutions.

Now in its fifth edition, Design Competition is expressed through the launch of a gang whose recipients are from a late young designers under 35 and the other small and medium-sized manufacturing companies in Lombardy; the sectors involved for this edition are some of the main markets of HOMI: LIVING HABITS, which includes furnishing, household decorative items and kitchen table and Ia Ia, for the welfare of the domestic environment, textiles for the houses, bathroom accessories, Bathroom lighting and home office furniture; OUTDOOR, which refers to the lighting, outdoor decor and accessories for alia gardening, and KIDS, space for the child’s life at home with accessories to sleep, eat and relax.

Thanks, 40 young designers will be able to realize their ideas, collaborating with many corporations attentive to new trends. It is an important tool that gives businesses an opportunity to innovate and reach and find new products for your market and renewing with proposals for excellence the entire sector, with positive effects for the designers, who will join its curriculum a major collaboration.


“We decided to launch this initiative, in partnership with Unioncamere Lombardia and with AD/,” said Mauro Parolini, Councillor for economic development of the Lombardy region-with the aim of giving back the opportunity to young designers to accomplish an important professional experience, increasing Ia skills alongside mentors and to take advantage of the prestigious international showcase provided by the various editions FBiH/, with which we begin a fruitful cooperation “.

“This year‘s event-added Parolini-you will also to attract more attention aimed at the commercialization of prototypes, because we want is an even more complete and effective both for designers and companies. Design Competition represents an opportunity for companies that can innovate and enhance The competitive thanks to experimentation and the production of the new ideas of young people involved “.

“Today’s fairs are to be more and more business facilitators, keen observers of the market, therefore we could not miss the opportunity to support a project cos/Corrado Peraboni, Delegated Administrator points out interesting-Fiera Milano-‘ Design Competition ‘ it involves all actors in the supply chain, from schools aile companies, and becomes strongly synergistic with our event, an incubator of ideas and innovations that are above all do many PM/ , exhibitors of HOM/why alia seeking new business opportunities.

For this, the contest gives us one more tool, useful to support companies in their path of innovation, growth and internationalization, creating a winning synergy and prolific between design and creativity, and the world of production and the market. This is not a short-term project-continuous long-term dynamics Peraboni-ma, flanking the evolution project-produced in its physiological development time by offering pen) new and effective opportunity for visibility and promotion both designers who producers. The result is the development of the territory Iombardo and the creation of a good practice involving schools, institutions and companies and can create food for growth in the product market and the world of work “.

II competition unfolds in a path that reflects the actual production phases that lead from the choice of the project by the company to launch on the market the finished product.

Scan up through the various editions of the competition and become the HOMI memento of encounter between The creativity of this and the design objects of the future.

II route will begin in December, with the launch of the gang from the Lombardy region. Young designers who will participate in the competition will be given the opportunity to present their idea to businesses during the edition of January 2016 and thereafter follow Ia HOMI being selected by a Committee of experts and the matching between the projects chosen and selected companies that will lead to the production of prototypes for presentation to the 2016 Edition diHOMISettembre.

HOMI will therefore be “narrative voice” of this important story, which can deliver to the history of design new and exciting achievements.

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