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Return the play of light, sparkling sculptures and light projections in Amsterdam for the 4th annual Light Festival. The event was inaugurated on Saturday 28 November by Princess Beatrice, attended by Merlijn Twaalfhoven who composed the opening ceremony.

Amsterdam Light Festival 3

The historic centre of Amsterdam until 17 January becomes an open air museum, thanks to the homage of internationally renowned artists and designers, like Olafur Eliasson, Janet Echelman, and Italian Angelo Bonello.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2

This edition of Amsterdam Light Festival, presents two different routes, Water Colors (by boat) and Illuminade (walking distance).


Water Colors is the fascinating journey by boat (from 28 November until 17 January), which lasts 75 minutes, during which the visitors can admire the city and its many light works, like Paths Crossing (Ralf Westerhof), Northern Lights (Alexandra Stratimirovic), Light Wave (Anita Doornhein), Light Kite (Tijdmakers), Merry Go Round Europe (Schagen, Kreykamp, de Boer & Hulskamp) and Holon Light (Michiel Martens & Jetske Visser).

Amsterdam Light Festival

Illuminade is the walking tour around the historic centre of Amsterdam, in neighborhoods Weesper and Plantage. Among the works that visitors will admire include Strangers in the Light (Victor Engbers & Ina Smits), Winged Migration (Tessel Schmidt & Judith Hofland) and Light Droplets (Eva van der Moer).

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