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Not only a network of services, but also a set of intelligent buildings. The Smart City that is advancing in big strides is made of Smart Building can monitor and optimize energy consumption, relate to external weather conditions and talk with the owners. A real technological revolution in plant engineering, that these days you can see and appreciate in Milan at the 40th edition of Mostra Convegno Expocomfort (MCE).


The fair has opened in an atmosphere of general optimism for the data presented in the inaugural conference indicating, for the first time since 2007, an expansive cycle in the construction sector. The protagonist is the industrial engineering sector that in Italy is worth 46 billion and which has commenced an impressive technological transformation. Today manufacturers of boilers, air conditioners and home automation are confronted with worlds as the Internet of things (IoT), robotics, nanotechnology, computer modelling.


In the smart home set up in MCE and significantly called beyond the class A appliances communicate with you and with each other, sharing a common language with the lights, alarms and other systems. This means planning scenarios at different times of the day adjusting HVAC, electricity and all other functions of the House. Each component of the system is also able to set with data coming from outside: for example the boiler can vary the temperature according to the weather conditions, the clock radio can play before in case of critical conditions of traffic and so on. The intelligent home, moreover, is always monitored and remotely programmable, with simple applications from smartphone to which we are all accustomed.


Rapidly changing scenario in which architects and designers can draw on a wide range of products and solutions with a specific password, integration between systems. Among the novelties presented by 2155 55 countries attending companies at MCE a Scientific Committee chaired by a representative of the Politecnico di Milano has chosen 66 products included for efficiency and innovation, divided in heating, cooling, water and energy sectors.

Brand, finishes and systems are now a world to explore, destined increasingly to become the trump card of a project.

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