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And if a piece of furniture become a Blackboard? It is now possible thanks to Blackboard effect finish PM300, created by Ilva by IVM Chemicals.

Every wooden surface becomes a free space on which to set their own ideas, draw, write, erase and start over. The kitchen door is transformed into a Notepad on which to write down their own recipes or your shopping list; a door in the kids room is a huge blank canvas on which to create small works of art, draw, mess and then delete; an entire desk or office furniture become a notebook for work, make calculations and solving problems.

Thanks to Blackboard effect finishing strokes of the pen, once deleted, even after several days, leave no trace, ensuring the return of the surface to a shining white, a clean slate.

Pm300 is a polyurethane finish which, thanks to the careful study of more than 200 researchers on chemical and physical qualities, resists yellowing and is easy to use.

Are you ready to unleash your fantasy? With this intelligent paint effect Blackboard, every piece becomes a free space for the imagination!

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