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What defines a luxury home? Less and less ostentation of economic value and more and more the experience of wellbeing. A luxury home today is a House that takes care of its owner, providing all the sensations that search: wellness, relaxation, excitement.

Matteo Nunziati for City Life

This new idea of luxury has been described in a meeting with designers and manufacturers in the Milan Office of Ance, by Pietro Adduci, business director of TecMa Solutions, a company that specializes in business strategy for architecture. The luxury explained Adduci, rests mainly on the perception of the value of an object means that it has a direct relationship with the psychology of the buyer. The new frontier of luxury, then, is deeply influenced by the technological transformation that is changing our relationship with the environment and objects.

Simone Micheli, Hotel Barcelò, Milan

The evolution of home and the IoT (internet of things) open new scenarios. For example to enlightenment. Artificial light can regulate itself in relation to the contribution of natural light inside the home and thus ensure a light in harmony with the natural rhythm of the organism. But you can go even further. For example entering the House wearing a Smart Watch the home automation system could get an idea of our mood (based on data on blood pressure and heart rate) and give us a warmer light if it sees a tendency to depression or a more relaxing light if it detects a certain stress.


Similar concepts can be applied to all systems. Technology becomes increasingly personalized and in this sense goes beyond the general concept of sustainable building to create a manageable and programmable.

“We often speak-says Adduci – of included services, eco-sustainability, comfort, but for new client Luxury these elements are not sufficient to meet the need for psycho-physical that is looking. It is necessary to introduce in the real estate project something that cannot be bought with money. ”

Ultimately, a technology project that must have the Center emotions and feelings.

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