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In Montpellier, in a plain behind a pine forest, “Jean Claude Carrière Theatre” has been designed by Paris A+Architecture firm. A red building, with colored triangular panels inserted in the facades almost to invoke Harlequin style. A wave of color and energy, in contrast with the green and the surrounding nature.

Jean Claude Carrière TheatreThe exterior was built with modular panels made of wood. Quick to assemble material, in fact the building was finished in just over a year after the start of work. The assembly, however, was delicate: the thickness of the panels has been increased and they were stuck with each other so as to guarantee greater acoustic comfort and to filter out external noise.

Jean Claude Carrière TheatreThe architecture is eco-friendly. Individual items can be disassembled, moved and reassembled at another site. During planning, the environmental impact has been minimized through the use of local materials and the reduction of consumption. An innovative heating system, insulation and the use of hidden LED lights on the façade contribute to its efficiency.

Jean Claude Carrière Theatre

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